by Kolony

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released November 14, 2014

All music and lyrics are written and performed by Kolony - except for gang vocals by Kolony and Jef Fortin.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jef Fortin (Badass Studio)

Orchestrations rearranged by Mathieu Beaudet from initial ideas of Antony Trujillo

Artwork by Alex O'Down

Additional Lyrics work by Grey Henson

- - - - -

Thanks to everybody who worked on this album, all our fans, all the promoters who gave us a chance to play, all the bands we played with and everybody who support us.

Special thanks to Grey Henson, Janko Balash, Sylvain Coutu for the respective part they had to play in this project.



all rights reserved


Kolony Montréal, Québec

Best described as crafting melodic rock metal, Montreal outfit Kolony believes in doing things a little differently.

Boldly combining elements of old school metal, NWBHM, modern metal and rock, the band loves fast tempos, melodic vocals and all-around high-octane music with each track coming from the heart and reflecting the way its members think about the world.
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Track Name: I Realize
Track Name: The Trial
This is the day we’ll find our way
This is the day we’ll get our say
This is the day we’ll break away
This is the day we judge the grey

Lost, fooled broken souls
In this juried hall
Only strength of will
Can prevail
What if there’s no good?
What if good is wrong?
One will make the call
Play along

The Trial starts within dead walls
Where we made these unjust calls
Media public retribution
But we still hope for reparation

Down the stairs of humiliation
Saved by wealthy demons
They took their time away
Silenced with nothing to say
Quickly forgave with impunity

This ends the day that got away
This ends the day we had no say
This is the day that justice frayed
Track Name: Trust & Live
I was taught, many years ago
That life is a gift and it’s free
As time passed me by
These eyes began to see
Now the only thing I miss is how it used to be

The wise sheep, blows his head off
Another day, where spending can’t break the rut
We fulfill these unneeded desires,
in the midst of this struggle to stay alive
The Great Maw of the 21st Century

Trust and live

A short term vision has spread through our system
We place value on what won’t stand the test of time
It’s a quick relief that consumes generations
Arise again the Great Maw of our Century

Finally, I cleared my mind
This is not a lost cause
I’m not the hero I always dreamed of
In fact, none of us are…
Black sheep are not the cause of all plagues
We’re just human striving to shine
This is one of my attempts
Not the first nor the last
Track Name: Echoes
Echoes, Echoes, Echoes, Echoes from another time
Echoes, Echoes, Echoes, Echoes from another time

This is my time to speak. Anyone can say
I am dying to live. Anyone can see
This is torture this is a hole
To follow the pace of machines, losing the freedom of our soul!

And in dreams of another world
Where my visions are the past

Last time I let myself scream I
Shouted and heard the echo!
This sweet sound that lay in the cradle of our native land
Just take a look around you and see. This is our chance to save the day
Break the steel, earth retakes its place
Spend this life, counting your days

And in dreams of another world
Where my visions are the past
To leave a place that is ungrateful
This wish to be the last
Track Name: Modern Hero
Chased by thieves
Trapped in a dead end alley
Beaten with no regrets
Left half conscious in a broken state
Hoped for someone to come
But all witnesses were gone

The modern Hero won’t die for you
The modern Hero won’t save you to
The real hero died years ago
The modern Hero won’t stop for you

Little Chinese girl was crushed on the street
Stunned people stare and walk by.
Indifferent to her cries, never will know if she’d died
Now courage is a lying stream

I dream of a savior wearing a white robe
He’ll save us, he’ll keep our town from depredation
Chasing the wicked, to each end of the world, ‘til his final day
Raised proudly, this monument his throne
Track Name: Anthem
What will be left when I leave
Who will be here when I’m gone
Traces of paths will remain
Shades of my life will sustain
What if I planned to stay here?
I’d cry in this moment of fear
I could not have seen down this road
I couldn’t help you so I wrote… this Anthem for your life!

Father, you left me so early
Now I’m lost! I know your time was up
I feel we didn’t share enough
Seems like the memories will fade away
What if I fell on my knees?
To pray in this moment of need
Now I can’t see through all the tears
I need to move on face the fear

I hope that you will watch over me
That what you’ve accomplished survives me
I hope to follow your path and say
“Anywhere you are, Rest in peace”

You’re not here anymore
It’s now that I realize
You’re gone forever, a door has closed
You’re not here anymore
It’s now that I realize
The door that closed was my heart and soul

What will be left when I leave
Who will be here when I’m gone
Traces of paths will remain
Shades of my life will sustain

You’re not here anymore
It’s now that I realize
Gone and forever, a new door opens
You’re not here anymore
But within me still alive
The door is open to my heart and soul
Track Name: Escape
What is it to fear for your life
What is it to shiver all inside
What is it to dig your own grave
When was it, you were so brave?

I thought I'd find a way to make it up to me
Blood on my hands and still not being free
My days are numbered, can't hide inside my mind
I need to leave this place, it's time to say goodbye

Back in time, should've known
How could I predict my fall
The madness of my demon is known
This reign of fear's been overthrown

Nowadays, it's a scheme
We've unleashed an evil dream
The days of trust are buried under
the age of lust. It's our demise
Track Name: I Don't Care
They refused to acknowledge the truth or evidence
Holding people under a reign of ignorance
Take it or leave it but I'm not a believer
As if evil lived in evolution

Strange ideals and a hidden story
Could unveil the past and free our souls

I don’t care if you try to break me
I don’t care that your faith rejects me
I don’t care that you place your hate at my kind
I don’t care but I do care that the world is going blind

You admire these symbols of desperation
They aren't your only salvation
Believe in yourself cause a God can't do that for you.
Stand tall when on your own
In the end, you're not alone

A message of love on a sharp blade
The hand of God was lost by man
Track Name: Road
Leap from stone to stone
So far from home
Time seems to run out
Feeling old

I wanna feel the road and leave the world behind
I wanna see with my own eyes
The sky isn't always blue, it's my time to try
Now is the time to show who I am inside

Take me to the road, don't leave me dying on the row
Need to get on board, cause I'm drowning on the shore
Kill me will you please cause I'm tired of wasting days
Got to find this road before it's too late

Life breeds too much stress
Seeking hope
Driving miles on end
Feeling whole

This is the choice I made, I swear, I'm not blind
No one can stop my will to fight
A hard stone won't change its shape, it's clear and well defined
I'm about to see from the outside
Track Name: Monopoly
Life is ruled by monopoly
Quick trades for property
All we are is equity
An indifferent rivalry
We were fine in the early plays
Hoped we would get a taste
Then we had to fall on hidden tolls
I thought I’d like this game

So close to bankruptcy
Unjust Economy
A lucky roll, might set you free
So much for strategy
Some say conspiracy
What about democracy?
Life shouldn’t have to be pretend
This game will never end

Trapped on the boardwalk of a hotel
Far from “Chance”, one step to “Go”
The foreclosure of the game
Time to renew ourselves
Rebuild from scratch again
Social credit has shed a light
Open eyes’ll see it bright

Life was lost by monopoly
All trades brought poverty
All banks still alive and well
Fight this monopoly
Fight this monopoly
Track Name: Sledge That Shit
Climbing stairs of falling dreams
About to play the final scene
The tower’s high, the time is now
A new wind blows, for us to grow

If you go and leave the show
The pain won’t go away
All the same it stays
Cause you don’t want to pay
Life will go astray

Nations stare and hesitate
To get involved or tolerate
Hands are tied by interest rates
They kneeled down and sealed their fate

Kill the Fascists
Break the walls
Kill the liars
Make them fall

Take the hammer
For your pride
Put their banner
Out of sight